• Jamie went beyond my expectations!! She truly is an amazing wedding planner and I would recommend her to everyone! She was always there when I needed to ask a question and was always helpful! Most of all she made my special day come to life and made it the most beautiful day me and my husband will remember for the rest of our lives!

    Jessie Sanchez

  • Wonderful ideas! Also, when things didn't go as planned (gale force winds) she improvised beautifully--saved us.

    Linda Estes

  • Jamie, I have to first Thank You So Much for everything that you did, You did a Super Job!! You went above and beyond my expectations. It was absolutely Beautiful. Jessie and Chris got lucky when they chose you as their Wedding Planner. I have had many people ask who the planner was and how smoothly everything went. So I think why do you hear about so many bad experiences, qell I guess it's because they didn't use Wedding Day Creations and Events!!
    From the Mother of the Bride,

    Melinda Villarreal